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About Georgia Moms United

Georgia Moms United was created to be a place for all families who are victims of police brutality and terrorism. Even though GMU includes moms in the name, the true factor in our organization is “UNITIED”. GMU is about the whole family with representation by not only the mothers, but it also includes the fathers, siblings, aunts, uncles, and cousins. It is our efforts to linked together in love as a true support system, building a bridge and a platform for our communities. Many of the families have experienced extreme hurt because local media will only feature certain families when we all are dealing with the same hurt, pain injustices. There are so many police brutality cases in the state of Georgia that are unknown due to the intimidation of law enforcement and the judicial system. Our goals are to assist as many families as possible and connect them to the necessary resources so that can correct the false narratives and have the truth known to the public. We also have a strong focus on mental health as it involves depression and anxiety. Sadly, we all came together due to such tragic circumstances, but we are now extended family members because of police brutality.

Board Members

Tammie Featherstone


Montye benjamin.jpg
Montye Benjamin

Executive Director 

Dalphine Robinson

Vice President 

Kathy Lykes

Executive Administrator 

Our Mothers

Dalphine Robinson

Mother of Jabril Robinson

Jackie Johnson

Mother of Kendrick Johnson

Pat scott.PNG
Patricia Scott

Mother of Raemawn Scott

Montye benjamin.jpg
Montye Benjamin

Mother of Jayvis Benjamin

Tammie Featherstone

Aunt of Jimmy Atchison

Ingrid Smyrna

Mother of Andrew Smyrna 

LOGO - GM 2 copy.png
Kenisha Kinard

Mother of Daverion Kinard

Michelle Hicks

Mother of Quandavier Hicks

f thom.PNG
Felicia Thomas

Mother of Nicholas Thomas

DeLisa Davis Photo.jpg
DeLisa Davis

Sister of Kevin Davis

Men   Behind    the Movement 

Phillip Stephens

I am the Stepfather of Jabril Robinson, whom I, loved very much. Jabril and I had a very special relationship. When we first came into each other's lives, Jabril was more welcoming than some of me than his sister and brothers. We quickly built a bond and became good friends, in addition to our relationship as father and son. Though Life as I knew it has changed dramatically since Jabril was murdered, I will always be by his Mother's side throughout this ordeal.

Joe Lykes

Joe Lykes lost his son to police violence after he was shot and killed by a police officer. As stressful as this was for him, Joe still stepped up to become a "Father Behind the Movement" in support of other fathers who have lost their loved ones to gun, police and brutality violence. His presence is seen and heard just as much as the other dads, mothers, and impacted family members gathered in unity and solidarity.

Jimmy Hill.jpg
Jimmy Hill

I am the father of Jimmy Atchison, a 21 year old unarmed black male who was murdered by former Atlanta Police officer Sung Kim on January 22, 2019 while hiding in a closet. During the fight for justice for my son, I was introduced to other families fighting for the same justice as my family. This is when I knew I had to do something. I decided to become an advocate for all families of the movement as well as their lost loved ones. I am the voice for those who no longer have a voice. I am very active in the community bringing awareness to the issues of Police Brutality here in the state of Georgia and especially the City of Atlanta. I am determined to help every family during their fight for JUSTICE.  “IF WE DON’T GET NO JUSTICE, THEY WON'T GET NO PEACE”.

Andrew Smyrna

My name is Andrew G. Smyrna and I am the father of Andrew Junior Smyrna who was killed by a Georgia State Trooper Brandon Byrd on January 23, 2020. I loved my son unconditionally and would often go to great lengths for him. I enjoyed spending time with my son,  doing outdoor activities, and driving him to and from school each day. I also enjoyed making his favorite meals and entertaining his friends. The tragic end of Andrew Junior's life has taken a toll on my life and I continue to grief for him every day.

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